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You are Really Going to like this “Diet”

Most people think about food when they hear the word “diet”. Thoughts that, for many overfat people, often lead to feelings of sorrow, guilt, frustration and self-pity. For some, it is the proverbial four-letter word.

But, the word diet also means; something used, enjoyed, or provided regularly (see dictionary definition below).
Something used, enjoyed, or provided regularly: subsisted on a diet of muscle-building exercises throughout their life.

Get Stronger, Feel Younger is not about food. And, it definitely does not conjure up feelings of sorrow, guilt, frustration and self-pity.

To the contrary, you are really going to like this “diet” of sensible, body-changing exercise.

Building Muscle, Losing Fat and Body Weight

During the first ten weeks of Get Stronger, Feel Younger it is entirely possible that you will lose ten pounds of fat and add five pounds of muscle.

If you measured your success on a weight scale … you would note only a five-pound weight loss. However, you actually experienced a 15-pound improvement in your body composition and physical appearance.

Building five pounds of firm muscle and eliminating 10 pounds of flabby fat (in just 10 weeks) is the most effective and efficient means for looking better, feeling better and functioning better for life!

Fortunately, you understand that gaining muscle weight             is a good thing and, in fact, the main reason that this “diet” actually works!
Counting Calories is Big Business

At any given time, there are millions of very hungry people trying to rid their bodies of unwanted fat. Most will experience short-term success, but ultimately fail.

But fear not, by this time next year they will try again and then again the following year, and so on.

This hearty group of dedicated individuals is collectively known as “dieters”.

They believe they are fat because of food. Thus, they try to solve their “fat” problem by “going on” food diets.

Each year, the group gets bigger and bigger and the list of “food” diets gets longer and longer … and so on.

Here are two quotes worth remembering:

“I have been on every diet under the sun … and nothing works.”

“Everyone that I know is fat … and either on a diet, just finished a diet or is planning to start a diet.”

Trying to measure fat loss with a scale is like trying to measure a change in temperature with a yard stick.

The people that sell “food” diets and related programs are not required to disclose the information contained in this document before they
take your money. They are not reguired to tell you that: food is not the problem, losing weight is not the solution and doing muscle-building exercise (correctly) is the answer. And, they certainly are not going to tell you about our book …
Get Stronger, Feel Younger.
Best Advice? Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware).

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