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If you want to stop gaining fat … increase your caloric use by about 19 calories per day. If you want to lose the 20 pounds of fat … select a length of time and adjust your use accordingly.

To lose it in ten years, use an additional 19 calories each day. To lose it in one year, use an additional 190 calories each day. And so on.

It is noteworthy to mention that, it is neither necessary nor advisable to make any significant adjustments to your existing “food” diet.

In fact, significant dietary changes (the hallmark of the “food” diet industry) are usually a bad idea.

Remember, losing fat by lowering your “caloric intake” is not a priority. Stay focused … your primary goal is to balance your caloric intake/use ratio by increasing use, not decreasing intake.

Why is
Get Stronger,
Feel Younger


           It’s not about food or losing weight.

           You are going to like it.

           It actually works.

Doing Muscle-Building Exercise (correctly) is the Answer

Everything that you do uses calories. From thinking a thought to blinking your eye. Some things use a large amount of calories; other things use only a few. If you clap your hands together for a minute … a few. If you do an aggressive 25 minute full-body work-out on resistance equipment (correctly) … a lot.


Do three 25 minute work-outs a week and you will use about 555 calories. That’s enough caloric use to completely rid your body of 20 pounds of fat in a little less than two and one-half years.

Building muscle makes you stronger, increases your daily caloric use, and enhances your ability to lose fat and keep it off            

Now the bonus. You will use about another 111 calories per week post-exercise as your body recovers, restores energy supplies and returns from a primarily anaerobic state to a primarily aerobic state. The post-exercise calorie use reduces the total time needed to rid your body of those 20 pounds of fat to slightly more than two years.

More good news, after just 10 weeks you will increase your resting caloric use rate by about seven percent or approximately 105 calories per day. Which means you will rid your body of ten years worth of fat in about 12 months!

Prepare yourself … it’s time for the really good news.

Now that your ten-year fat supply is gone, you will need to increase your daily caloric intake to avoid further loss.
Anybody hungry?
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