Introducing Get Stronger, Feel Younger
Get Stronger,
Feel Younger

The Cardio- and Diet-Free Plan to Firm Up and Lose Fat

Wayne Westcott, Ph. D. & Gary Reinl    
Eating Food is Not the Problem

If you are fat … don’t blame food. For most of us, the difference between fat and trim is an extraordinarily slight caloric intake/use imbalance … not a dietary crisis!

Here’s the math: if you gained 20 pounds of fat in the past ten years, you gained (on average) two pounds per year or, less then one-fifth pound per month. Which means, your caloric intake/use ratio was out of balance by about 19 calories per day.

Believe it or not, if you simply used 19 more calories each day during the past ten years … your fat gain would have been zero.

How easy is it to use 19 calories? It could take less then five minutes and you would barely break a sweat.

Obviously, you don’t need to go on a “food” diet or enroll in a related program to solve this issue.

Yet, year after year, millions and millions of overfat people spend billions and billions of their hardearned dollars doing exactly that.

Why? It’s called marketing.

Losing “Weight” is Not the Solution

Any “food” diet salesperson that touts the concept of “weight loss” and/or uses a “weight scale” to measure success is obviously not focused on the problem … losing fat!

Have you heard this claim? “Lose seven pounds in seven days.” Did you ever wonder why they don’t claim; “Lose seven pounds of fat in seven days?”

After all, you are not trying to lose “weight”. You are trying to

lose “fat”. It is entirely possible to lose weight and not lose fat.


The reason seems pretty straight forward. It is virtually impossible to lose seven pounds of fat in seven days.

To do so, you would need to use one pound of fat (3,500 calories) each day for seven consecutive days. That’s about 75% more calories than the average adult uses on a daily bases.

Which means you would need to use approximately 1,500 extra calories each day.

Simply stated … that means that you would need to do about four extra hours of “significant physical work” every day.

One more caveat, you could not consume any calories what-so-ever for the entire seven days. In effect, a bread and water diet without the bread.

But, even if you could lose seven pounds of fat in seven days, their method of measurement (the weight scale) simply cannot measure fat loss.

Remember … it is entirely possible to lose weight and not lose fat.

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