Employers Help Interested Employees Cut the Fat

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Employers Help Interested Employees Cut the Fat

Wayne Westcott, Ph. D. & Gary Reinl

Authors of ... Get Stronger, Feel Younger ... The Cardio- and Diet-Free Way to Firm Up and Lose Fat

Executive Summary

If you are interested in reading reams of statistics about how many people get which diseases because they are overfat and how much money is spent to keep them alive … this is the wrong resource.

We all know that being overfat is unhealthy and that the subsequent cost of care is very high. We also know that virtually all overfat people want to lose their excess fat and that most employers are willing to help them accomplish this goal.

Some employers build and operate elaborate on-site wellness centers. Many others offer to pay health club membership fees and/or the costs related to participating in diet programs. Still others reward employees (albeit unofficially) with opportunity and/or money who maintain a healthy body composition … a few actually pay their employees to exercise.

Alas, desire, effort, opportunity and money are insufficient catalysts. As a result, most employees are actually getting fatter and, consequently, the severity and frequency of related health-care problems (due in part to the fact that our workforce is aging) are increasing at alarming rates. And, regrettably, data to support most employers’ related investments are, at best, soft.

Return on Investment (ROI)
No doubt, most of the money spent by employers to help overfat employees lose their excess fat is wasted.

Diets rarely cause sustainable weight loss and exercise, even though most employees report that they “feel” better when they do it, hardly ever produces the desired result.

Cost/Benefit Analysis

No matter how you add up the numbers, most employers should immediately redirect their budgeted dollars away from the status quo and toward something that is much more likely to succeed.

Here’s the good news, industry leaders have already sorted through the details and know what to do … and, more importantly, they are already running successful fat lose/fat avoidance programs.

More good news, (from a cost-based prospective), the information is in the public domain, easy to get and free.

For the record, it’s not about spending more money and/or committing more resources. In fact, once your employees
learn what to do and how to do it … your company will most likely save money, use less resources and … ultimately, employ a healthier, happier group of people.

Sound like “pie in the sky”? Well … it’s not, and there is very hard data to prove it.

We all know that being overfat is unhealthy and that the subsequent cost of care is very high.
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